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Happy Birthday Anousheh!

12 September 2006

Given that you’re in quarantine in Baikonur I can’t imagine you’re having a very big birthday party and I hope that your fellow cosmonauts can bake a cake. I guess going into orbit isn’t such a bad present.

I’m really finding myself wondering what it’s like to be in quarantine for more than two weeks, just you and two others. Do you cook your own food? Do you have glass windows that you communicate with others through? Or is it all done by telephone?

I guess that’s nothing compared to the two cosmonauts living on the International Space Station by themselves for six months at a time. You must really get to know someone well in those close quarters.

I have regards to you from Ramin Khadem, the former CFO of Inmarsat, and the current Chairman of the International Space University. Like you he was born in Iran and became passionate about space. He is an amazing, brilliant man and I look forward to introducing you to him.