Anousheh Ansari Space Blog

Why Space?

Great blogs Anousheh! I know that your upcoming trip into Orbit is just the beginning. Together, the Ansari Family, X PRIZE, Space Adventures, ZERO-G, Rocket Racing League and many companies yet to come will give birth to a new industry that will allow millions to follow in your footsteps. It is only the beginning!

I spent today at MIT giving two keynotes about the Ansari X PRIZE and the future X PRIZEs. The students here are all looking forward to receiving your call from the space station next Friday the 22nd. MIT professor Jeff Hoffman (five-time Astronaut), a faculty member of the Man Vehicle Laboratory, is working to coordinate the event with Karina and choose the questions.

Early today I spoke to Charles Simonyi (Microsoft billionaire creator of Excel and Word) who is flying next spring on Soyuz through Space Adventures. He sends his very best and wishes you a safe journey. Turns out I called your old apartment in Moscow by mistake and he answered. He’s living there during his training at Star City.

He wants to ask you what he should plan to bring with him to Orbit… He mentioned that he has an amazing 10 kilogram allocation of personal effects. By the way, what personal items are you bringing with you orbit? Did you get a chance to bring along the X PRIZE flag and patches?

He also would appreciate knowing what kind of photographic equipment is up there on ISS… what equipment is operational, what lenses you have access to during your stay. He looks forward to seeing you when you come down to get the “scoop” on his upcoming trip.

Anousheh, what I believe most people don’t understand is why space is important. Why did we create the Ansari X PRIZE first? Why not an X PRIZE in some other field like poverty, medicine or energy, some of the next prizes we’re working on?

The future of humanity lies in space. As we continue to develop on Earth, we will need to reach out beyond this planet for resources. Space offers humanity infinite resources… the energy, metals, minerals and real estate we need to grow.

Space also offers us hope, hope for new tomorrows, for unknown discoveries, for growth, discovery and experimentation. It’s where we will spread the knowledge and seed of humanity… “back up the biosphere” as a friend Elon Musk likes to say. During our lifetime humanity will irreversibly move off the Earth into the cosmos.

These early steps that we “astropreneurs” are taking are critical. They are the equivalent of Lindbergh for aviation or Netscape for the internet.

Thank you Anousheh for investing and risking to make your (our) dreams come true!

Peter H. Diamandis (at MIT in Cambridge, MA)