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September 28, 2006

Timeline for Today

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kindly provided by Peter Guelzow, President AMSAT-DL, with all times converted to UTC.

Anousheh’s trip to the ISS took about two days from launch to docking, but the return to Earth takes only less than 3.5 hours.

NASA TV will cover the farewell ceremony and closing of the hatches is planned for Thursday, September 28, 18:35:00 UTC.

The Expedition 13 crew and Anousheh Ansari will then prepare to depart. Only the German astronaut Thomas Reiter will stay a few more months until December, before he is scheduled to return home.

Soyuz TMA-8 is scheduled to land in Kazakhstan at 01:10 UTC on September 29.

Soyuz TMA-9 will be the return vehicle for the Expedition 14 crew.

* Undocking −00:00 / Landing −03:23:00

Separation command to begin opening hooks and latches that hold the Soyuz spacecraft to a docking port on the Space Station.

* Undocking +03:00 / Landing −03:20:00

Hooks opened. Soyuz begins physical separation from the Pirs docking compartment at 0.1 meters per second.

* Undocking +06:00 / Landing −03:17:00

A 15-second separation burn when the Soyuz is about 20 meters from the Station.

* Undocking +02:29 / Landing −00:54:00

When the Soyuz is at a distance of about 19 km from the ISS, the engines fire for a 4-minute, 21-second deorbit burn.

* Undocking +02:57 / Landing −00:26

The unoccupied Orbital Module separates from the Descent Module and burns up upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

* Undocking +03:00 / Landing −00:23

The Soyuz reaches Entry Interface – 121 920 meters in altitude – 31 minutes after the deorbit burn.

* Undocking +03:08 / Landing −00:15

Parachutes are commanded to deploy. Two Pilot Parachutes are deployed, the second of which extracts the Drogue Chute. The Drogue slows the spacecraft’s descent from a rate of 230 meters per second to 80 meters per second.

The Main Parachute is then released. It slows the Soyuz to a descent rate of 7.2 meters per second. First, its harnesses allow the Soyuz to descend at an angle of 30 degrees to expel heat, then it shifts the Soyuz to a straight vertical descent.

* Undocking +03:23 / Landing −00:02

Six Soft Landing Engines fire to slow the vehicle’s descent rate to 1.5 meters per second just 0.8 meters above the ground.

Soyuz lands.

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