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October 11, 2006

Oprah wants to go

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Anousheh is on Oprah today. As learned in comments, there’s more video.

[edit: Help arrives from World in comments —

For those of you who weren’t able to see Mrs. Ansari on Oprah, here is the video link:


Comment by Tourang — October 12, 2006 @ 2:50 pm


  1. “We knew we would succeed … but the level of success was a little bit more than what we expected,”
    “In just seven years, Anousheh and Hamid sold their corporation for $750 million,…”

    So humble!
    Would you please pray for us to succeed a little bit more than what we expected ?

    Hope your next successes too will be a little bit more than you expect!

    Kamran Derakhshani


    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 11, 2006 @ 11:19 pm

  2. I want Anosheh to know how proud i am of what she did.. As a women and as an iranian from her generation i am inspiraed by what she has accomplished.
    I watched the lift off with my 5 year old son sitting on my lap. I wanted him to know that the impossible becomes possible if you put your mind to it.
    Thank you for this great gift you gave us all.

    Comment by Zahra — October 12, 2006 @ 12:06 am

  3. سلام.
    صبح بخیر.
    نگفتین که اینا چی میگن؟
    واقعا قشنگه.
    منتظرتون هستم.

    Comment by جاهد ملک زاده — October 12, 2006 @ 12:07 am

  4. Anousheh,
    I just had a bizarre thought. Your “theme” should be the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour”. How great is that???

    Glad you are back in the States. You are an inspiration to us all, and you could do MUCH to ease all this rediculous tension and fighting in the world. God bless you. Your wonderful writings have brought a fat 52 year old white man to tears more than once.

    All the best

    Dave from NJ

    Comment by Dave from NJ — October 12, 2006 @ 1:48 am

  5. خانوم انصاری عزیز سلام و وقت به خیر
    از شما ممنونم به خاطر همه چیز
    به خاطر اشک هایی که بعد از شنیدن خبر موفقیتتون دنیا رو پیش چشمانم لرزان کرد
    به خاطر افتخاری که خودم میدونم برای من نیست اما نمی دونم چرا خودم رو درش سهیم میدونم
    به خاطر اینکه به همه مردم دنیا نشون دادید ایرانیها همه تروریست نیستن
    به خاطر همت بلندتون که من رو از چگونه بودنم شرمنده میکنه
    به خاطرنوشته های قشنگتون که تا حالا صد بار خوندمشون
    به خاطر پرواز بلندتون و بلند پروازیتون
    انوشه عزیز
    دوستتون دارم و برای شما خانواده بزرگوارتون بهترین آرزو ها رو میکنم
    تا همیشه

    Comment by محسن از تهران — October 12, 2006 @ 3:17 am

  6. The interview could have been done on a show with a more positive tone. Following a story about North Korea testing a A-Bomb wasn’t the best lead-in to an interview I’ve ever seen. And that segment was poorly done, less about the bomb, more about the fact that North Korea has nobody on the street, no fat people, and by god no CELL PHONES!!!

    Anousheh seemed very happy and in good health, and looked very, very good. She said many of the same things she had wrote in this blog. She even got called the “T” word twice, but didn’t flinch. We did get to see a few new clips, the best of which were:
    Anousheh washing her hair (about two seconds)
    Anousheh brushing her teeth (maybe five seconds)
    Shooting water into her mouth ( about 5-10 seconds)
    Anousheh ‘flying’ through one of the modules (right down the center!!)
    And the best one….Anousheh pushing herself toward a ‘doorway’ from the center of a module with her feet. Her flight had a slight upward movement (she pushed off the ‘floor’). Her head just barely cleared the top of the door, her butt wasn’t so lucky. One of the early flights, I suppose.

    I thought Oprah wasn’t very well prepared to interview Anousheh, besides the fact that the show started out a little on the dark side. I don’t think she followed the flight at all, or has a clue what it was all about.

    Despite that, Anousheh presented herself in fine fashion, and made it more than worth watching. Alot of people did get to see what she did, and got a good idea of who she is. I hope that she can be interviewed by somebody more on her level, someone with a clue (or interest) about space travel. This wasn’t a very complex study of her story, it should have been given more time than 15 minutes, and it should have been on an Oprah show that dealt with positive stories about inspiring women. But you take what you can get sometimes…

    Anousheh, you did a great job, and I hope to see more of your story on the small screen in the future.

    All our love
    Joe LePage Florida, USA

    Comment by Joe LePage — October 12, 2006 @ 3:27 am

  7. Today was the ONLY time I have ever looked forward to Oprah’s show. And if Anousheh is on again, I will watch again.

    After the experience of a space flight, and all the preparations and training, being a guest on a show must be no biggie at all.

    You looked great, and professional, and were witty and cute.

    Comment by James Dunn — October 12, 2006 @ 3:29 am

  8. Congragulations on your successful flight to space.
    We have a lot of blogs on software and hardware but we rarely have blogs on space. Yours is one of them and I thank you for that. One thing that I would like you to consider is to let the project managers of those working to win the X-Prize also blog about their aspirations, dreams, project problems, the oil-n-grease work that goes behind the space programme to be written about. Only if they like, ofcourse. But, isn’t that a great place for information and inspiration for working on space projects rather than a strict texbook form of learning about them?
    You can have class teachers saying: Read Mr. X’s blog for more information on propulsion systems. Mr. Y’s blog gives much more indepth information besides solving your doubts.

    Comment by Pradeep — October 12, 2006 @ 4:00 am

  9. Anousheh,

    You have been blessed and your giving back to others now. I am proud of you and know that the hearts and minds of the young girls that listen to you are in good hands. You are sharing what inspiration you had and it is a wonderful gift to give.

    Comment by Bill Belshaw — October 12, 2006 @ 4:27 am

  10. Anousheh Khanoom,

    You looked great on Oprah and you are my HERO. You are very special to every Iranian Woman here on earth. I cried happy tears with my mother and grandmother out of pride of your journey and courage. Any time you are in La Jolla, CA let me know. I would love to have you as a speaker.

    Jacqueline S. Warfield

    Comment by Jacqueline Soraya — October 12, 2006 @ 5:01 am

  11. Dear Anousheh,

    “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way, else you’ll find an excuse”, they say. You have stollen the lights by proving that there is a way where there is a will. I wish this rising star all success in each of its venture. It’s your world, ur life- go and enjoy!!!

    Anousheh, please write back to me. I need to discuss with you on what all it takes to become an astronaut. Currently, I am working as a telecom software engineer. Please write back to me.

    Best Regards,

    Manju S.M. (India)

    Comment by Manju S.M. — October 12, 2006 @ 5:03 am

  12. wah…I didn’t get to see Oprah and they showed the hair washing video clip! I hope somebody could post here where we can watch the episode (if somebody posted a video clip of that here in the internet) for the sake of those like me who missed the show, thanks!

    And Anousheh, I saw your pic from the show in the Oprah site, you looked great!

    Comment by Ann — October 12, 2006 @ 6:05 am

  13. I totally agree with Joe lepage , he said everything I wanted to say .The interview was very short, Opera was sort of clueless about a lot of things.I have a feeling she did it to be the first one to interview Anoushe and not because of the whole concept of her trip to the space, I might be wrong thought .

    Anyways, I got disappointed on Opera’s part , I don’t know why I expected to see the full episode of Anoushe and her trip , and I don’t know why would Opera spend a full episode talking with Singers, and actors and when it comes to something as exciting as her trip, she just make a 15 minute clip in which she can not say that much. I personally think Anoushe did an awesome job. She looked so sincere and down to earth. She looked gorgeous!!!!!! By the way her name is AnoushE , not AnoushA…God I hate it when ppl call her AnoushA…

    Comment by Mahsan — October 12, 2006 @ 7:47 am

  14. Re comment 1 :Mr. Kamran Derakhshani please open your eyes and get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her life and her money is her business and not yours, so I advice you to work harder toward your goals instead of criticizing a hero who took your flight( yeh the Iranian flight) to the space . I don’t know what is the problem of people like you! DOOROOD BAR ANOUSHE

    Comment by Mahsan — October 12, 2006 @ 7:58 am

  15. is the Oprah video available online anywhere? Tried YouTube, but couldn’t see it.

    Comment by kaveh — October 12, 2006 @ 9:40 am

  16. To Mahsan, #13

    1) […her life and her money is her business and not yours,..]
    Just her flight is ours,speaking on everything else is a taboo!
    Yet,SHE spoke about her business on Oprah,not me!
    Now, you please open your eyes and don’t let your passion devastate your wisdom.

    2)[…I advice you to work harder toward your goals…]
    “working hard toward one’s goals” means get a high passion about someone/something and fight against any kind of thought,other than mine!

    3)[…instead of criticizing a hero…]
    A hero or heroin is someone who should NOT be criticized,just should be admired ,and somehow, adored!

    4)[… I don’t know what is the problem of people like you!]
    Everyone who criticizes Anousheh has a PROBLEM!
    Everyone who passionately applauds her(without a minute of thinking about what she IS and what she IS NOT) has NO PROBLEM!

    One of the best ways for a human being/society to develope is to shout:
    It has been successfully tested somewhere for about 28 years!

    Thank you for your morals.I’ll do my best NOT to follow them.

    Kamran Derakhshani


    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 12, 2006 @ 9:42 am

  17. Hi Anousheh,

    Congratulations for being on the Oprah show. That must have been exciting and fun.

    I’m so disappointed that I missed it. I had no clue you were on yesterday!? I’m so sorry. I did check out Oprah’s website. You are a very beautiful person…inside and out!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to see the show somewhere.

    Hope all is well with your family.

    Pat Freeman
    West Chester

    Comment by screamin75 — October 12, 2006 @ 10:24 am

  18. سلام انوشه خانوم
    چرا پس سایت فارسی تو آپ نمیکنی ما منتظریم

    Comment by mostafa moosavi from tehran — October 12, 2006 @ 11:04 am

  19. PLAIN TRUTH [No.1]

    (Note:I reasonably admired Mrs Anousheh Ansari much more than many of you.The following lines are posted just for INFORMATION and INTELLIGENCE.Any kind of cynical and/or malicious interpretation is strictly denied and NOT responded.
    Reasonable criticism are highly welcomed.)

    Hi Everybody,



    In June 1989, while driving home from the Mars factory in Slough, Helen heard a radio ad that would change her life: ‘Astronaut wanted – no experience necessary.’ The only requirements were that applicants should be British, aged 21-40, with a science background, the ability to learn a foreign language and a good level of fitness.
    Helen beat more than 13,000 applicants to be selected as one of the final four candidates for the position of UK cosmonaut on the Soviet space mission Project Juno. She had to undergo weeks of exhaustive physical and psychological tests but eventually made it down to the final two candidates.

    She was then sent for 18 months of gruelling training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow’s Star City. Helen underwent preparation for coping with weightlessness, living in a cramped environment, survival procedures and learning to pilot rocket systems. In May 1991 (when she was only 27)Helen became the first Briton in space when she flew on board of Soyuz TM-12 along with two Russian cosmonauts and spent 8 days at the Mir Space Station conducting scientific experiments.

    Since her return she has continued to work as a scientist and has become one of the country’s leading ambassadors for science, giving lectures around the world. Helen is also an accomplished broadcaster, presenting numerous science based radio and television programs.

    Helen was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire)in 1992 and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Aeronautical Society, British Interplanetary Society, Sheffield Hallam University and senior fellow of the University of Sheffield.

    Also,she has published her story in a book titled:”Seize The Moment”,1994.
    She has a PhD in chemistry from Birbeck College, London.

    For your more information:

    Kamran Derakhshani


    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 12, 2006 @ 11:08 am

  20. I am quite agreed with Mr Lepag.Oprah is a low class show off for herself not for the people who are interviwed by her !
    Although Anoushe was great,but I was disappointed.The concept ,the essence of this trip was the greatest part of the story which is not fair to be hidden under the outward appearance of it.

    Hope you the Best.

    Comment by Kamyar — October 12, 2006 @ 12:56 pm

  21. salam anoshe
    man 17 az iran hastam . va to ra be onvane yek olgo ta abad baraye khodam negah khaham dasht

    Comment by rebecca : hi — October 12, 2006 @ 2:19 pm

  22. For those of you who weren’t able to see Mrs. Ansari on Oprah, here is the video link:

    (or click on my name below)

    Comment by Tourang — October 12, 2006 @ 2:50 pm

  23. Hi,

    Sorry my last comment was submitted by mistake. As I was saying I will be at the XPRIZE CUP on OCT 20 and 21st helping out and I would LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE to get to meet you in person if you are going to be there… I just came back from a conference “Women in computing” and I was wondering why you weren’t there? Pleaseeeee contact me if its possible.. I really really would like to meet you and talk to you in person.

    Thanks a lot

    Comment by Nina Javaher — October 12, 2006 @ 4:09 pm

  24. Anousheh,
    I am so proud of you! I feel honored to have worked with you at tti. You were inspiring to the company then and inspiring to the world now. I hope to talk to you soon. Best wishes to you and your family and your new buisness venture.


    Comment by Lowell Barton — October 12, 2006 @ 4:23 pm

  25. Thanks Tourang!

    Comment by X PRIZE — October 12, 2006 @ 5:12 pm

  26. PLAIN TRUTH [No.2]

    (Note:I reasonably admired Mrs Anousheh Ansari much more than many of you.The following lines are posted just for INFORMATION and INTELLIGENCE.Any kind of cynical and/or malicious interpretation is strictly denied and NOT responded.
    Reasonable criticisms are highly welcomed.)

    Hi Everybody,

    Do you know who the FIRST MUSLEM ASTRONAUT is?


    Mohmand,(later an Afghan Air Force pilot colonel)flew on board of Soyuz TM-6 spaceship on August 29,1988(when he was only 29)
    along with two Russian cosmonauts and spent 10 days in space aboard the Mir space station.He is also the first Afghan cosmonaut.

    Momand graduated from the Polytechnical High School in Kabul and then the Air Force Academy.He later trained in the USSR as a pilot and served in the Afghan Air Force(up to rank Colonel).
    He currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

    For your more information:

    Kamran Derakhshani


    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 12, 2006 @ 5:29 pm

  27. XPrize: you are welcome 🙂

    [Translation of Mrs. Ansari’s writings on my weblog]

    Doostane azize Farsi zabaan,
    tarjomeye neveshtehaaye khanome Ansari dar webloge man update shod. albatte be zibaayeeye neveshtehaaye khode ishaan nist vali az hichi behtare 🙂
    Lotfan rooye esme man click konid.

    Comment by Tourang — October 12, 2006 @ 5:51 pm

  28. Hello to all,

    I finally got to see the Oprah show, thanks to Tourang!

    Tourang, thank you very much for including the video on this blog. That was very thoughtful.

    I really thought it a nice clip and Anousheh, you are very impressive!

    I can’t believe you would consider a one way trip…WOW!

    Thank God it was a round trip journey to dreamland!

    P.S. Anousheh, some great videos clips were on the show, will you share more with us?


    Pat Freeman
    West Chester, PA

    Comment by screamin75 — October 12, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

  29. Anoosheh joon,
    Saw you on Oprah and you looked fantastic and spoke so eloquently. I think your piece should have been longer since your story is so interesting and inspiring.
    Next is the MOON…..

    Comment by Mojgan & Amir Reza — October 12, 2006 @ 6:08 pm

  30. To Comment #16 kamran :I know your stereotype very well, so ppl like you CAN NOT educate me and tell me who is hero and who is not. She took the Iranian flight to the space and made all Iranians and non-Iranians proud.She put the Iran’s name on the map again and this time for a good cause !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have you done for Iran lately???Why couldn’t you mention that in your comment and criticize that instead of criticizing me for adoring my hero or for sending Doroods to Anoushe.OoopS!!! Maybe I should have sent Doroods to you so you felt better about yourself cause apparently you needed that !!!!!! Get some help my friend!!!!!!!! Don’t take your anger and bitterness out on other people, solve your problems first and then criticize the rest . Thank u!

    Dorood Bar Anoushe . Yeh I know this phrase has been Successful during those 28 years SOMEWHERE otherwise we wouldn’t hear from some ppl like you . So here we go again DOROOD BAR ANOUSHE 😉

    Comment by Mahsan — October 12, 2006 @ 6:19 pm

  31. Anousheh,

    All I can think of to say is, well done! As a pilot, I can only go as high as my aircraft will allow before it starts sputtering from lack of air. It must have been amazing.



    p.s. I really hope you ignore the idiots

    Comment by Mike — October 12, 2006 @ 6:49 pm

  32. Anousheh joon
    oza va ahval chetore??
    karha khob pish mireh??
    movfagh bashi

    Comment by fatemeh — October 12, 2006 @ 7:23 pm

  33. hi
    i thought I submitted a comment.what happened to it?!any way i’m just wondering why didn’t you walk on the moon?it was just a few blocks away 😀

    Comment by MOHSEN — October 12, 2006 @ 7:43 pm

  34. Dear Anousheh ,
    It seems more beautifull than before with your new hair style 😉
    Would you please let us to know how did you start your business with Hamid and who helped you to success in your business … ( I am sure if you write the way of your success in your business it would be really interesting for everyone )

    Thanks Thanks Thanks
    You are in my hearth

    Comment by سینا دیلی — October 12, 2006 @ 11:02 pm

  35. To #30

    As if you’ve read someone else’s comment and are replying (insulting) someone else.

    Next reply to you,in advance:

    “The reply to morons is silence”
    (Iranian Proverb)

    Kamran Derakhshani


    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 12, 2006 @ 11:51 pm

  36. Thanks. It was great 🙂

    Comment by nobody — October 13, 2006 @ 5:41 am

  37. awfully quiet around here…. 🙂

    Comment by X PRIZE — October 13, 2006 @ 7:22 am

  38. سلام انوشه خانوم
    شما باعث افتخار ایرانیها هستین امیدوارم این سفرتون به فضا کوچکترین موفقیتتون باشه به امید اینکه موفقیتهای بزرگتری رو در زندگی بدست بیارین.

    Comment by هادی محمدیان — October 13, 2006 @ 7:49 am

  39. You were wonderful there 😉

    Comment by Niloofar — October 13, 2006 @ 9:22 am

  40. درود بر مظهر خواست و خواسته هاي ايران زمين .
    سلام خانم انصاري . وجود شما افتخاريست براي تمامي ايرانيان در همه جاي زمين و حتي فضا !!! اميدوارم هميشه شاد و تندرست باشد . خانم انصاري من به چه شكل مي توانم با شما تماس داشته باشم ؟؟؟ ممنون ميشم اگه منو راهنمايي كنيد .. سبز باشيد و پايدار .

    Comment by nooshdaroo — October 13, 2006 @ 10:13 am

  41. سلام خانم انصاری باورتون نمی شه که چقدر دوستتون دارم …حتی یکی از عکساتونو که لباس فضا نوردی تنتونه از مجله کندم قابش کردم زدم دیوار اتاقم …تا همیشه ببینمتون …وقتی به شما فکر می کنم انقدر هیجان زده می شم که اشکم سرازیر می شه …رویای منم آسمون و کهکشانو ستاره هاست…وقتی می گین زمین از این بالا چقدر زیبا و آرومه با تمام وجودم حس می کنم…من ایران زندگی می کنم توی یکی از شهرستانای نسبتا کو چیک …16 سالمه و آرزو و هدف و رویام آسمونه و البته الگوم شمایین …خیلی از شما دورم شاید بشه گفت شما اون طرف زمینین من این طرف…ولی وقتی ستاره های اسمونه شبو می بینم وقتی فاصله ها شون یادم می افته و درک می کنم چقدر دورند همه ی مرز ها و فاصله های روی زمین برام بی معنی می شن…زمین خونه ی همه ی ماست…با این فکر شما رو نزدیک خودم احساس می کنم …شیرینیه رویا تونو حس می کنم و نیرویی وادار به حرکتم می کنه.برای رویاها باید حرکت کرد و سختی کشید اینو خوب می دونم.
    در آخر این که پر از امید و انرژیم تا حر کت کنم یا شایدم پرواز کنم و به رویا هام ایمان دارم ودوستشون دارم از دستم نمی دمشون…
    اینها همش به خاطر شماست.هم من هم رویا ها از تون ممنونیم به اندازه ی تمام آرامش و لذتی که از بر آورده شدن آرزوتون حس کردین.

    Comment by Narges — October 13, 2006 @ 10:38 am

  42. Hi Anousheh

    I just watched your interview with Oprah…you were really amazing… just being yourself! It was very obvious how compassionate you feel about your trip and everything around it. The video clips were great… thanks for sharing them with us!!
    I am very proud of you and at the same time knowing how “down to earth” of a person you really are, it makes everything even much better. I wish you and Hamid lots of success with the launch of Prodea and hope everything will work out as planned.

    I meant to ask you…have you seen the movie “Contact” with Jody Foster? Watching this movie reminded me so much of you… also “her journey” was possibly a “one way ticket” which she was willing to take…You must have seen the movie.. if not, please watch it – You will love it!!!

    Take care

    Comment by Anja Arsalides — October 13, 2006 @ 11:20 am

  43. You go girl! Yore so specia1! You make a difference! Never shrink! Morality schmorality! Does it get yo from zere to 20 million in four point five days. She captured the immagination of all us here in in Zimbabwe. When we heard the the noise of the food drop planes, we chanted in unson: Anousheh! Anousheh!1 Anaaa…rice!

    For those who say all the glory, the credit, the blame belong to the materialistic, megalomaniac, hedonistic West, I say Sour Grapes! Get a load of Anousheh and Orhan Pamuk! Better than anfetamines I am sure.

    Comment by Bekir L. Yildirim — October 13, 2006 @ 11:44 am

  44. Such a wonderful unforgettable memory 🙂 congratulations anousheh

    Comment by pseudo san — October 13, 2006 @ 2:27 pm

  45. Dear Anoushe,

    I was just reading in a news that universe might be pill-shaped. Here is the link to the news: (

    Now imagine that one day mankind could leave Universe, like as these days they leave Earth for the space. And imagine that when they leave Universe they say uncountable other universes! As these days they see uncountable other galaxies, stars and planets. I don’t know what to tell more, I am out of words!

    By the way, I think Oprah grabbed you for her show to be the first TV show interviewing you, she wants to profit from you and gets more viewers! She is smart!

    I respect you and your husband a lot, Hamid is a very nice man, why you both didn’t seat together in Oprah interview? After all you are couple! Please be together in your next interviews!

    My best regards,

    Comment by Iraj — October 13, 2006 @ 4:16 pm

  46. Dear Anoushe,

    I was just reading in a news that universe might be pill-shaped. Here is the link to the news: (

    Now imagine that one day mankind could leave Universe, like as these days they leave Earth for the space. And imagine that when they leave Universe they say uncountable other universes! As these days they see uncountable other galaxies, stars and planets. I don’t know what to tell more, I am out of words! Only thing I can say is that for the time being we should take very good care of our only home, Earth, as you mentioned it in your interview.

    By the way, I think Oprah grabbed you for her show to be the first TV show interviewing you, she wants to profit from you and gets more viewers! She is smart!

    I respect you and your husband a lot, Hamid is a very nice man, why you both didn’t seat together in Oprah interview? After all you are couple! Please be together in your next interviews!

    My best regards,

    Comment by Iraj — October 13, 2006 @ 4:48 pm

  47. Hi again from Portugal.
    I’ve just seen the programme but couldn’t ear it – no phones… 🙂
    Back to Earth things might not be so great… to open one’s heart as you did (do) allows people to hurt, there’s nothing one can do about it or them.
    Please keep your good mood and keep sharing your experiences up there, if you can, if you still wish… and I really hope you do…
    Looking forward to read more from you,
    Lélia Agostinho

    Comment by Lélia Agostinho — October 13, 2006 @ 4:52 pm

  48. hi
    it was great
    thats all i can say

    Comment by alima from usa — October 13, 2006 @ 5:26 pm

  49. Dearest Dearest DEAREST Anousheh,

    I know this blog will end soon.

    I would like to suggest that you take your writings, and ONLY your writings, to another web space or a published book, to capture your senses as you have yet recorded them.

    I think that your experiences deserve a spot without outside influence. You earned that right.

    Please, let us all know where to look for you next.

    With admiration and a little envy…ok…alot of envy,

    James Dunn

    Comment by James Dunn — October 13, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

  50. سلام
    من دامون هستم از خرمشهر . خوشحالم که به آرزوی خودتون رسیدین
    اینجا تو شهر ما کسی دوست نداره دل از شهرش بکنه . حتی نمیتونن برای زندگی کردن به یه شهر دیگه برن . ولی شما از زمین هم خارج شدید .
    اینجا بیشتر از اینکه به فکر فضا رفتن شما باشن به فکر اون 20 میلیون دلاری هستن که شما برای سفر خود هزینه کردین .نخندید هان ؟ خوب حق دارن
    بازتابی که شما در خبر خارج از ایران داشتید در ایران نداشتید . میدونید چرا ؟ به خاطر بد حجابی ! نخندید هان ؟
    چند وقت پیش با چند نفر بحثم شد .هیچ کدوم از ما نمیتونستیم ایستگاه فضایی رو برای خودمون تصور کنیم . یکی میگفت یه اتاقک . یکی میگفت سفینه است . من میگفتم که یه اتاقیه که یه پنجره داره و هر روز صبح که از خواب پا میشی از پنجرش زمین رو تماشا میکنی . البته بعد هم
    خودم تعجب کردم . میدونی چرا ؟ آخه مگه اونجا صبح داره ؟ نخندید هان!م

    Comment by دامون — October 13, 2006 @ 7:27 pm

  51. Anousheh Ansari’s space flight

    October 12th, 2006

    Anousheh Ansari of Plano talks about her exciting flight aboard a Russian space taxi. Video/editing: Kimberly Durnan/The Dallas Morning News

    Comment by Texas TV — October 13, 2006 @ 7:49 pm

  52. It’s a pity that Gene Rodenberry, who created the Star Trek series passed on with out meeting you. I think you both share the same thoughts and hopes for ALL mankind and he would have found in you a kindred spirit. As do mine.

    “May you live in interesting times”. R.A.Liddicoat

    Comment by Roger Liddicot — October 13, 2006 @ 8:06 pm

  53. Once again want to say Hi to all, specialy Anousheh! . . . and ask her what was “Temperature” like in Space . . what’s “Cold” and “Hot” like over ther and also thank “Tourang” for all the imput (Blog and Video clips) , very thoughtful . . Thank You!

    Anousheh. . . . Welcome . . . . . Hameed we love you!

    Comment by Bijan Fard — October 13, 2006 @ 10:22 pm

  54. سلام خانوم مهندس انصاری امیدوارم حالتون بهتر از همیشه باشه و موفق تر از همیشه توی کارهاتون باشید بهتون تبریک میگم این سفر زیبا رو و امیدوارم باز هم بتونید به این سفر ها دوباره بروید و یادی هم از ما هموطنانتان بکنید ….. به هر حال خوشحال شدیم که یک ایرانی و آن هم یک زن ایرانی پا به فضای بی منتهایی گذاشت که کمتر کسی میتواند قدم به آنجا بگذارد ….. شرمنده که نتوانستم برایتان انگلیسی تایپ کن چون انگلیسیم اصلاً خوب نیست ….. به امید خبرهای موفقیت شما در آینده

    Comment by Mr.X — October 13, 2006 @ 10:26 pm

  55. Dear X Prize Ground Ops

    Up to now you have blocked four of my posts as following:

    (1) Oct. 11, 10:00 am
    (2) Oct. 11, 5:30 pm
    (3) Oct. 12, 11:18 pm
    (4) Oct. 12, 11:30 pm (copy of (2))
    (approximate GMT)

    Too many to be explaind by just adjacency of some buttons or
    dyslexia of your operators.

    Please EXPLICITLY clarify the “problem” or the rules to be followed to reduce the probability of being blocked.


    Kamran Derakhshani


    [Oct.13, 11:30 pm]

    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 13, 2006 @ 11:32 pm

  56. Dear, wonderful, beautiful, and humble Anousheh,

    You are so humble…I cannot get over it! You were dazzling on the Oprah’s show. I am so sorry I missed it (There was no notice or anything and I do check your blog every day). But I watched your video. Do you have any idea how many lives you have touched and changed?? Please never stop writing to us. You are a major inspiration to all the women around the world!!!

    With much love,


    Comment by fereshteh — October 13, 2006 @ 11:56 pm

  57. Anousheh Joon,

    I watched your program with Oprah on Wednesday and truly enjoyed it. You looked elegant and spoke very eloquently. It was also interesting to hear a brief history of your life and to see pictures from when you were growing up. I think we must be about the same age and I also immigrated to the U.S. around the same time and at the age of 16 from Iran! The video clips and your rendition of your amazing trip in your own words were priceless. I wish the program was more publicized though and that more time was dedicated to your segment as it was so interesting! I congratulate you on being able to accomplish as much as you have at such a young age and for using your power and wealth to inspire and make a change for the better on our beautiful earth. I wish you much success on the wonderderful path you have chosen and hope that you will not be discouraged by some of the negative comments you receive. I would love to invite you to be a guest speaker at our all Iranian Rotary Club when you visit Southern California. As the president of our club I promise to put together a nice affair for your visit with your choice of just Iranian or a mix of Iranian & American audience. We would donate the proceeds from this event to a favorite cause of yours. I hope you will continue making public appearances and taking your message to more people around the world and I hope more people will see our world through your eyes cherishing our earth as a beautiful, peaceful planet and trying to preserve it as such.

    Take Care, God bless you,


    Comment by Negin Mohammadzadeh — October 14, 2006 @ 3:27 am

  58. Hi Anousheh,
    I was disappointed to hear you have a strong Iranian accent. If you have time and the money there are English classes to improve your prononciation. BTW, you have been an extremely lucky person in your entire life. But you have never mentioned that. All hard work! Really? You have never thanked your father who brought you into the US and provided you with the green card. Now you are not even talking to him. What a shame!

    Comment by Atousa from US — October 14, 2006 @ 5:13 am

  59. Hello Mrs. Anousheh,
    My original message was blocked so I will join in the melodramatic chorus and say, “we worship you and you are on you way to heaven”. You are the best human being that ever lived. There is no woman better than you. Iran is proud of you.America is proud of you. Your achievement of paying out twenty million has inspired everyone to go make a ton of money so we can go and fly around in zero g our selves. The people in Iran all know you now. The Ansari family name will live in history and books will be written about you. You will be immune to cancer and all disease because of what you’ve done. Death itself will not approach you because of this inspiring feat.

    Maybe if I say such praiseworthy things then I will get posted since real criticism can’t be hacked. It seems that even in America, censorship is something Iranian’s covet. What makes our country great is that everyone big, small, vulgar can voice their opinion and be heard. On your blog, only those that support your ‘mission’ with overly praise worthy words are posted.

    Comment by Shawn Jacson — October 14, 2006 @ 5:32 am

  60. It’s very amature! but a clip I made . . . hope you like , I am a beginner in movie editting .

    Comment by Bijan Fard — October 14, 2006 @ 6:44 am

  61. سلام بر خانم انوشهء انصاري

    خوش به حال شما كه در سرزميني زندگي مي كنيد كه امكان پيشرفت و زندگي آبرومندانه را براي شما محيا كرده است( جدا از هوش و ذكاوت و پشتكار تحسين برانگيز شما). با دست خالي به آن سرزمين رفته ايد و به آسمان رسيده ايد(تبريك من را هم بپذيريد). من نيز مثل شما يك مهاجرم از يك سرزمين همسايه در كشور زادگاه‌تان ايران!، ولي در اين سرزمين ما را به آسمان كه نمي فرستند، هيچ!، از ما مغني(چاه‌كن) در قعر زمين مي‌سازند و يا در بهترين حالت، عَمَله و حَمال!، حتي خلبان‌هاي ما را… دستمزد ما هم مي‌شود: گم‌شو افغاني پدر سوخته!!!

    غرض از مزاحمت:

    خانم انصاري، از زمان طفوليت در ايران زندگي مي كنم( اين كشور را دوست دارم) ولي هيچ حق و حقوقي در اين سرزمين ندارم( بعد از 25 سال و اقامت قانوني). حتي بيمهء آنهم از نوع خويش‌فرما را براي ما ممنوع كرده اند(براي اينكه مجبور به ترك اين سرزمين شويم). خانم انصاري!، در حال حاضر تك و تنهايم، چندسال پيش در همين تهران، راننده بسيار محترمي، به من كوبيد و فرار كرد. منهم از آنوقت شده ام معلول و قطع نخاع! (Spinal Cord Injury)، عوارض وخيم‌تر اين معلوليت، بتدريج ظاهر شد و مي‌شود از جمله…، الآن به بيماري كُليوي دچارم، مدتي بعد كارم به “همودياليز” خواهد كشيد و…در اينجا از يك سو از جانب دولت هر روز به گوشمان ميخوانند هر چه زودتر بايد ايران را ترك كنيم و از سوي ديگر در آن جهنم( افغانستان) براي امثال من امكانات و تخصص درماني لازم وجود ندارد، مانده ام كه چكار كنم…ديشب از راديو (voic of america) از زبان مهمان آن برنامه، آقاي “كاردان” شنيدم كه شما كارهاي خيريه هم انجام مي‌داده ايد، از جمله شما زماني سرپرستي صدوچند كودك را هم متقبل شده بوديد. مي‌خواستم بپرسم آيا شما خانم نيكوكار مي‌توانيد به نحوي براي مشكل درماني من هم كمكي بكنيد؟

    با تشكر از شما بانوي محترم

    Comment by نام محفوظ — October 14, 2006 @ 7:07 am

  62. Dear Anousheh
    dont let the negative comments bring u down. u know most iranians are jealous people, first of all they are jealous that u are a selfmade women, and that u spent 20million for a 10day trip to space.

    its ur money, u made it, u have every right to do whatever u want to with it!

    instead of being proud of an iranian woman that has become the worlds first civilian in space, we iranians try to find ways to bash on u.

    i for one am proud as hell of ur accomplishments 🙂

    Comment by mohammad — October 14, 2006 @ 8:06 am

  63. با سلام بر خانم انوشه انصاری

    من هم به نوبه خودم به شما به خاطر سفر فضاییتون تبریک می گم
    اما به نظر من می تونستید این بیست میلیون دلارو صرف کاری اساسی تر و خداپسندانه تر بکنید شما که اونقدر پول دارید که فقط بیست میلیون دلارشو می دهید و هشت روز به یک سفر فضایی می روید-یعنی روزی
    دو و نیم میلیون دلار معادل دو میلیارد و سیصد میلیون تومن-
    من نمی گم باید این پول را میدادید و مثلا برای یک وعده شکم عده ای را سیر می کردید اما می تونستید صرف کمک به آنهایی بکنید که در گوشه و کنار دنیا خصوصا در سرزمین مادریتان با وجود نبوغ بسیار و استعداد فوق العاده به خاطر مشکلات مادی و محلی از امکان پیشرفت محروم هستند
    آیا این یک اقدام اساسی و ریشه ای نیست
    چه اشکالی داشت اگر بنیادی را تاسیس می کردید که هدفش کمک به نخبگان جهان سوم باشد تا بتوانند به تحصیلات خود یا پروژه های علمی خود ادامه دهند در همان آمریکا به هر دانشگاهی که سر بزنید تعداد زیادی بورس و کمک هزینه از طرف اشخاص نیکوکار و موسسات و شرکت های غیردولتی در انتظار دانشجویان نخبه هست
    آیا لذت این بیشتر از لذت دیدن کره زمین از فضا نیست

    ممکنه بفرمایید که کار من خیلیها را ترغیب می کنه که به فکر فضاو . سفرهای فضایی بیفتند بسیار خوب. اما از این عده فقط آنهایی که بیست میلیون دلار اضافه دارند میتونند بطور جدی به چنین چیزی فکر کنند مثل سرکار خانم مدونا که اخیرا برای یک سفر فضایی شبیه سفر شما ثبت نام کرده
    حتی جایزه ده میلیون دلاری که برای ساخت یک سفینه فضایی جدید اعلام کردید کسی برنده شد که خودش یک شرکت چند صد میلیون دلاری داره

    موفق باشید

    Comment by علی نبوی — October 14, 2006 @ 10:14 am

  64. Dear Mrs. Ansari;

    Hi again! How did you feel to be interviewed by Oprah? Don’t you think she is really a witch?! She is able to divert audience’s attention to what she wants…Did you see how clever was she to digress the concept when you were insisting to describe the voilences making by human and carelessness to our Unique Home?? But I’m glad to see your diligence to express your deepest feelings. And, if dear ‘Kamran’ will not mock me, I hope your next success would be much more than your expectations: let say I hope you soon become the first billionaire lady who will establish the World’s greatest fondation to gather geniuses from all around the World to make the dream of United World come true soonest….(Sorry ‘Kamran’ if you think of this as a sweet dream of one of her fanatic fans!)

    By the way, it’s wonderful to widen your horizon of interests to all fields of science. Genetics, is justly named as the main ground for all technologic and scientific achievements. But, for those who are not engaged in this great field, may seem to be of less importance. So, I want to ask sincerely from you to extend (and NOT to change) X-Prize course of research to a wide range of science and technology fields, moreover your field of proficiency – Electronics & Telecomm. – which has become the basis of human’s communication and mental means. I have even some ideas: There exist many approximate solutions for energizing/controlling a prosthesis by extracted and processed myoelectric signals. However, those solutions necessitate lots of very thiny (and therefore fragile) wires to be inserted into muscles and connected to neural ganglions. How does it sound if we use electromagnetic signals produced by nerve fibres instead? It will be a revolution in bio-prosthesis if someone could do it. Also the most popular method for prosthesis is the combination of arms and joints (like human body), making movement by electric stepper motors (unlike human body). Why nobody approaches simulation of muscles by simulation of their real physical structure: i.e. making capillary-shaped fibres which could be contracted by electric stimulation that comes from myoneural nerves. I have many many ideas in this regard, and can share it with anybody who has interest. This is my dream, from my youth, to make the word ‘handicap’ out of human’s vocabulary. However, I know this is of insolence to decide about your asset; please take it as only a suggestion….

    Well, sorry if I bothered you and hope you understand my feelings.

    With the best wishes and deepest regards;
    Farhad, from Iran (a place in the United World)

    Comment by Farhad — October 14, 2006 @ 10:24 am

  65. Dear Hasti

    [If you have the money u can even go and build an apartment in the space…..]

    You guessed right!
    One of her space dreams is to build a “Private Space Station”!

    Have you noticed this:

    [We spoke about…what a private space station might look like]
    “Call from Orbit”
    Sep. 23

    Comment by Hamed — October 14, 2006 @ 11:08 am

  66. salam
    khanome ansari faghat ye soal dahtam:
    mikham bebinam shoma az on bala chi didin ke roye zamin dide nemishod
    mikhastam bedonam az on bala khoda ro ham tonestin bebinin
    lotfan javabha ro baram e-mail konid
    mokhlese shoma esy

    Comment by esy — October 14, 2006 @ 11:15 am

  67. سلام انوشه خانم.اميدوارم شاد و سرحال باشيد.هروقت وبلاگتون ميبينم شادي آميخته با حزني عميق تمام وجودمو در بر ميگيره .شادم از اينكه يه هموطن يه خانم يه ايراني افتخار بزرگي رو به دست آورده ..و محزونم از اينكه … بيخيال همون شاديه مهمه دعا كنيد ماهم به اندازه شما نه به اندازه يه خونه خريدن فقط يه خونه خريدن تا بتونيم درس بخونيم مثل شما پولدار بشيم

    Comment by شيلا — October 14, 2006 @ 11:18 am

  68. خانم انوشه انصاری

    من هم از اینکه به رویاتون رسیدید خوشحالم و برای شما آرزوی موفقیت میکنم
    فقط یک سوال دارم
    شما به چه مفهومی خودتان را یک ایرانی می دانید؟
    آیا هرکس صرفا بتونه به فارسی صحبت کنه یک ایرانیه؟
    شما در اینهمه پیام شفاهی و کتبی که از ایستگاه فضایی و حتی همین حالا دارید می فرستید یک کلمه هم به فارسی صحبت نکردید
    در صورتی که از فضا با خبرنگار فرانسوی مثل بلبل فرانسه صخبت کردید
    شما فقط یک مصاحبه به زبان فارسی با شبکه چهار تلویزیون ایران داشتید که حتی در داخل ایران برد محدودی داره
    چرا ایرانی بودن خود را از دید مردم دنیا خصوصا آمریکایی ها پنهان می کنید؟ خجالت می کشید؟
    عکسی که با لباس فضانوردی و با دو پرچم آمریکا یکی در پشت سر ودیگری بر روی بازوی چپ انداخته اید و بازوی چپتان را آنطور جلو داده اید واقعا تو ذوق می زنه
    نمیتونستید شبیه چنین عکسی را با پرچم ملت ایران(بدون هیچگونه آرم و علامتی) بیندازید و حداقل برای هر کس خواست ارسال کنید؟

    خانم انصاری
    حتما خبر دارید که دو ناو هواپیمابر آمریکا به سوی آبهای ایران در حال حرکتند
    اگر از شما دعوت کنند که به عنوان یک آمریکایی موفق و محبوب بر روی عرشه یکی از اینها برای تهییج و تشجیع سربازان آمریکایی سخنرانی
    کنید چه خواهید کرد؟
    آن روز باید یکی را انتخاب کنید

    درود بر ایران
    و ایرانیان وطن پرست

    از شیراز

    Comment by Mohsen — October 14, 2006 @ 11:55 am

  69. Dear Anousheh:
    I was hurt hearing some people saying why are you spending your money on this and you could help hungry people and…. But they all haven`t read the price of a dream your writing posted september 14th.You should tell world what you are doing .specially on oprah`s message board some people said so.and I posted a message and direct them to your price of a dream.It was good if you said this in oprah that you almost always focus on long-term fundamental activities that address the root causes of a problem. You may not feed hungry children, not because you don’t care, but because feeding 100, or 1000, or 100,000 does not solve the problem. Many of the hunger problems occur because of drought and bad farming practices. Did you know that space research helps figure out changes in soil conditions and environment and ways of preventing crop damage?and the rest of your writing.I know you are so humble and don`t want to boast but it `s good to teach them how you shoul look at htings deeper and with deeper insight.
    I love you

    Comment by leila — October 14, 2006 @ 12:14 pm

  70. انوشه جان
    فيلم شما بسيار جالب بود
    ما از آقاي دامون (كامنت شماره 50 ) كه با لهجه خرمشهري و محلي
    نظر خودش را نوشته بسيار لذت برديم
    !اما نخديد هان
    باز هم فيلم هاي بيشتري براي ما ارسال كنيد
    خدا نگهدار شما

    Comment by Mehdi — October 14, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

  71. The quranic writings say Mohammad split the moon in two. Did you notice any signs that the moon was split in two while you were star surfing? By the way -the 20 million you spent would feed a lot of starving people in Dufar, your fellow muslims wouldn’t it?
    thanks for ur answers

    Comment by Gary Rice — October 14, 2006 @ 12:54 pm

  72. Anousheh,
    Please don’t let the negative comments get you down. You are a huge inspiration for all of us!

    I have found through my life experiences that some people are jealous of those who succeed in their dreams and take enjoyment in trying to bring you down to their level. The only way to deal with this is to ignore it and keep in mind that this is just human nature.

    By keeping a positive attitude, You are doing your part to make the world a better place. You have inspired more people than you could ever imagine. I can promise you that, somewhere, there is a young child that will succeed and will fufill their dreams because of what you have accomplished. Maybe, they will become an astronaut!

    $20 million dollars wasted? I think not. The money you have spent will be payed backed many times through the future generations that you have inspired!

    Congratulations on a spectacular journey!

    Comment by L. Webster — October 14, 2006 @ 4:03 pm

  73. Dear Anousheh

    Where can we DOWNLOAD all of your videos with every subject (in space , talk show and…)

    Comment by kavehmj — October 14, 2006 @ 5:37 pm

  74. Dear Farhad (#64)

    Very nice to “see” you again and
    sorry to interrupt your dialog with Anousheh,
    just to say that I never mock you at all and hope I’ve not before.

    Also, your suggestion is not a [sweet dream of a fanatic fan].It is excellent and I’ve thought about that many times(OK,OK,its patent is yours :)).But I was awaiting here for a more reasonable atmosphere to be set.

    Yes,there are lots of ingenious and highly-talented peoples througout the world (especially 3rd world) awaiting for just a little push(not necessarily financial) to get dramatic scientific and/or technological achievements.Establishing a foundation to recognize and support them would be very essential and a real breakthrough.(Meanwhile it makes Anousheh much more favorite to more intellectual and intelligent groups)

    Already there has been such foundations and institutions all over the world,(ex. Abdus-Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics,Trieste,Italy,founded by the late Professor Muhammad Abdus-Salam,the only muslem and Pakistani physics Noble laureate,as yet),but they are mostly governmental or acts through governments.

    Of course,I praise Anousheh’s involvement in X Prize foundation.She is the most generous funder in this foundation as yet(and the most beautiful,too!).But winning such prizes requires highly expert teams plus a huge investment.

    Who could win a $10M prize for designing and making a three-person reusable spaceship which would fly up to the lower edge of space(officially 100 km)?
    Burt Rutan,an expert American with a multi-millon dollar company.(estimated development cost $25M)

    Anyway I appreciate your suggestion and strongly support it.

    May God bless Anousheh,you and all my compatriots,

    Kamran Derakhshani

    PS: Anousheh is NOT the founder of X Prize Foundation.It has been founded by Dr.Peter Diamandis many years ago.But she IS a
    member of its Vision Circle, as well as its Board of Trustees.
    Right now I found that Anousheh is involved in some foundations maybe sort of your suggestion:
    Ashoka Foundation(supporting social entrepreneurs)
    Make-a-Wish Foundation of North Texas
    and Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center.


    Comment by Kamran Derakhshani — October 14, 2006 @ 5:59 pm

  75. Caught part of this PBS/NHK program this AM, seemed to dovetail pretty well with your quest.

    Comment by James, Mountain View, CA — October 14, 2006 @ 8:07 pm

  76. Dear Anousheh

    would you please let me know how can I get the pictures you have taken from space ? I couldn’t see yet any !
    I wish you continue writing about your amazing trip … I can feel it…there must be many things in your mind for us .


    Comment by vahid — October 14, 2006 @ 8:17 pm


    DEAR C r i t i c s ! منتقدان عزيز

    I suggest you to see Anoushehs’ website and be more familiar with her goals/character before writing your critical comments here , you can find it here :

    توصيه به دوستان فارسی زبان که هنوز با اهداف خانم انصاري آشنا نيستند و تذکرها و موعظه هاي تکراري ميفرمايند.لطفا پيش از نوشتن در اين وبلاگ با شخصيت واهداف خانوم انصاري بيشتر آشنا شويد… آدرس وب سايت ايشان به قرار زير است

    Comment by vahid — October 14, 2006 @ 8:29 pm

  78. سلام خانوم انصاري
    من يك روزنامه نگار هستم كه در تهران مشغولم.
    با شماره تلفن”تري گريفين” هم چندين بار تماس گرفتم اما هرگز گوشي را برنمي داشت و روي پيامگير هم پيام گذاشتم فايده اي نداشت.
    لطفا با من تماس بگيريد.
    با تشكر
    فرشاد قربانپور

    Comment by farshad — October 14, 2006 @ 11:01 pm

  79. Anousheh joon,

    We are all so proud in Iran. You make women think that we should over throw Iranian government and strive for the better life like in America. Right now Iran is so bad to us and the mullah does not give us opportunity to be educated and then go earn millions of dollars so we can go to space too. I also like that you want to take make up to Space and so sad they don’t let you. We Iranian women looks good with the makeup and without it we looks like just get up in the morning. I likes see that you want to be look professoinal for people and show world that Iranian is smart people too.
    I am 28 years old woman and now i have hope i can make millions of dollars and go to space and fly around because of you. is it true you are not first space tourist? why people say you are not first? is it they are jealous? I am support you. There is good movie coming out for people who are jealous and it is call Borat. I recommend to all jealous they see Borat. lol
    My daughter blind and she hear good so I tell her about you. Now she says she want to make money and make company and go to America because Iran that kind of dream is not possible. Only in America an Iranian can sell large company and makes millions. so i hopes Gods helps me and my daughter to fly to the space.
    God bless you Anoushe joon.
    Your friend from Mahshad,

    Comment by Asliya Tarooq — October 14, 2006 @ 11:38 pm

  80. Dear Anousheh Khanoom,

    The interview was fantastic and you looked AMAZING!
    Although. . . I wish it was longer! You deserved the whole show. 😦

    I will hopefully be at the Frontiers of Flight event so I’m looking forward to hearing more in depth about everything.

    Until then. . .

    Comment by Ateen Khakpour - Plano, TX — October 15, 2006 @ 1:47 am

  81. dear anousheh,belive it or not NOW I’m addicted to your weblog, at least few times a day I check your blog and enjoy to read it.
    You should get a job at NASA, I think you make a great astronaut.

    my best wishes for you


    Comment by mohamad — October 15, 2006 @ 2:21 am

  82. Hi Anousheh,
    I have been away from our native country since 1979 and I have had the chance to meet too many wonderful people around the globe since then but you are the FIRST person who has inspired me A LO……T.
    I LOVE the messages that you were sending from the space.
    They MEAN a lot. I REALLY admire you not as a Persian origin woman but as an AMAZING human being.
    Yes, I agree that Oprah should have interviewed you for full an hour but you did just great anyway.
    I believe that you are doing your job with an excellent faith to help all human beings.
    I wish success, happiness and lots of good luck :))
    Finally, my only advice to you is to ignore all the criticisms. Don’t bother to response to them unless you are in an interview.
    Remember nobody is free from criticisms even “GOD” :))
    Look forward to having a book on your biography, messages, interviews and also your poster for my children’s room:)) However, I wouldn’t rush you for such a book as I think you need at least a few years to publish a book that represents real Anousheh :))
    All the best & good luck to you,

    Comment by Mitra — October 15, 2006 @ 3:29 am

  83. Dear Mrs. Ansari,

    1. I had a friend who used to work at NASA and his project involved control of fire aboard the space station. He did lots of experiments trying to see how fire spreads at 0G. Is this a real problem that Cosmonauts and Astronauts are concerned with?

    2. How about bacteria? Do astronauts and cosmonauts catch a cold or any other kind of diseases up there? or do the bacteria behave differently? I cannot imagine that there would be any type of viruses or bacteria in space other than the ones carried up from the Earth!

    3. Could the space station someday be used as a holding place for very sick people with very low immunity who are not supposed to get exposed to any type of bacteria? This would be particularly relevant for lukemia patients whose immune systems are temporarily destroyed. As you know most of them die of infectious diseases during this period, not from cancer. I guess what I am suggesting is that if they are sent up there and treated, staying away from earthly bacteria, it might save their lives.

    Your responses would be appreciated.


    Comment by Tourang — October 15, 2006 @ 4:56 am

  84. I was gonna cry cause I didnt know you are gonna be on Oprah till its next day!:(( but now Im trying to have the video
    thanksssssssssssssssss for uploading it
    have the bests
    still waiting for you new updates

    Comment by golnoush — October 15, 2006 @ 7:08 am

  85. سلام انوشه عزیزم . من هم اشک ریختم . اشک شوق . با همه وجودم به زن بودنم افتخار کردم . اینودرک کردم که انسان اشرف مخلوقاته.احساسم چیزیه که نمیشه در قالب کلمات وصفش کرد.برات آرزوی موفقیت میکنم عزیزم …میدونم نوع نگاه تو به دنیا حالا خیلی عوض شده. باز هم برامون بنویس اینبار نه از چیزهائی که دیدی که از تجاربی که حسشون کردی … خدانگهدار عزیزم

    Comment by bahar — October 15, 2006 @ 8:51 am

  86. Hi adminstrator,

    I have a request. Please do not reflect the comments which have nothing to say. I mean those which contain destructive criticism, like complaining about Anousheh’s accent,… These ppl have nothing to say, but trying to find any small flaw and magnify it. Please don’t let them destroy this blog.

    Thanks, J

    Comment by J — October 15, 2006 @ 12:15 pm

  87. to post #58,

    I am glad that Anousheh disappointed you. I suggest you to find a way to improve yourself instead of complaining about unimportant things like someone’s accent,…such a naive comment brings you nothing. Perhaps attacking ppl, who are in higher postion than you, make you feel better for a moment, but consider it never improves your situation.

    Comment by J — October 15, 2006 @ 12:24 pm

  88. Hello
    Many times I had this in my mind that how leading people were handling the criticism in the course of the their life when they represented new ideas, invensions and so on and encountered huge amount of disapproval. Now I think I know how they do that: they just really don’t think of them, instead they only focus on their ideas on how to move foreward and realize and materialize them. I think most of us know how much of energy can be wasted in debates and dealing with the critics that can never be persuaded. I think this the thing all of us must do when we have new ideas in mind. Now, the outcome of your journey is whatever for yourself, it is enough that you flown new blood in the veins of all of us who dont dare to bear the problems and move foreward.


    Comment by Ebrahim — October 15, 2006 @ 1:00 pm

  89. To Gary Rice, #71,

    Would you be so kind to point us the chapter and verse of of the “quranic writing” you refer to? Could you be confusing the old testament qith Qor’an, and the Red Sea with the moon? And thanks for informing us that Ms. Ansari was “star surfing” and stopped on the moon on her way. I bet she is as delighted with the news as I am. The neo-trekkies meeting next door.

    Comment by Bekir L. Yildirim — October 15, 2006 @ 3:00 pm

  90. […] Anyway, after reading through the comments responding to the “Oprah” segment on which Ms. Ansari appeared, I felt compelled to reply to some of these haters showing up and disrespecting my girl Anousheh.  Rather than going off on some unnecessary disertations as explanation, we’ll just toss  ‘em off, make fun of ‘em, and move on. […]

    Pingback by When do these peeps ever stop? « Thoughts, Raves & Outright Beatings — October 15, 2006 @ 4:42 pm

  91. To Gary

    It is Darfur. The easiest thing is to attack someone who has exposed herslef.
    I hope you are as active regarding hundreds of other 20$ millions spend around 🙂

    Comment by homeyra — October 15, 2006 @ 4:56 pm

  92. Everyone, my apologies for posting something that has little to do with Anousheh’s exploits. But I continue to be disheartened (I will not use other words that sprang to my mind first) that a lot of people in the West fail to distinguish between Iran and other Arab countries. With all due respect to all Arab peoples, I wish to say to the Francophone lady who signed with the name “Amel.T”, that ‘Mademoiselle ou madame, nous ne sommes pas des Arabes. Nous sommes persans. Iranien. Ils sont très différents.’

    Comment by Marie Nekoodast — October 15, 2006 @ 5:32 pm

  93. khanome anoshe salam
    man kheili nemitonam harfhaye khob khob bezanam
    vali ino migam ke shoma ba arezohaton mahsharid.
    chi mishe site ton farsi beshe on vaght ma ham mitonim bekhonim.
    salem sarehal movafagh
    dar panahe khoda

    Comment by mahnaz — October 15, 2006 @ 8:40 pm

  94. Our dear Anousheh,
    As you said yourself in your blog you are really not something “special”. A special person is somebody like “Jawed Karim” , just 27 y/old and the creator of YouTube & PayPall websites, who made five times more money than you just in two years. He does not need to go to IIS to make himself famous. He is already very famous. He has inspired me much more. Sorry!
    Mr. Raissyan

    Comment by Mr Raissyan form US — October 15, 2006 @ 10:39 pm

  95. Dear Anousheh,

    It might seem to some of people writing comments here that spending $20M for a 10 days vacation is waste of money while if you were investing that amount to build hospitals, pre-schools, schools, libraries etc. in poor countries, you would be profiting much more and you would go directly to heaven at the end of your life. Especially they say since you are Iranian, and Iran is a poor country, you should give not only the $20M but almost all your fortune to help Iran because in Iran there are many poor people. Are they right? I don’t think so. The amount you paid for your unique and extremely inspiring space exploration which has made most of Iranians to be proud of you and themselves, is just two hours of the money Iranians earn thanks to their petrol. Iran produces 4 million barrel per day with $60 per barrel makes it $240M per day! Despite this very good earning, still 10’s of thousands of Iranians die in each earthquake like what happened in Bam.
    So this is my comment to those people: Make up your mind and search for the real cause of the poverty in Iran, Anousheh has nothing to do with this. Look for Iranians who are making tons of dollars with this god given oil reservoirs and spend it either in killing people or enjoying themselves in dirty ways.

    And this is my comment to Anousheh: You used your money in its best way, it couldn’t be invested better! And you will profit from it a lot and you deserve it! I am very proud of you.

    God bless you


    Comment by Iraj — October 16, 2006 @ 2:30 am

  96. Dear Anousheh,

    You done the correct thing. Its ur decision that where u have to spend money. Dont let the negative comments bring u down. You have more to do in ur life. Keep going..Best of luck…


    Comment by Lijin — October 16, 2006 @ 4:46 am

  97. Hi Anousheh,

    What happened,it’s been almost a week since you have last written? Please continue writing.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Manju S.M.

    Comment by Manju S.M. — October 16, 2006 @ 4:57 am

  98. vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!man taze in filmo didam…fogholaadast…nemitunam hichi begam…in khanume Oprah ham az un behtarinha va be ghole ma,az un BAHALast.aslan fekr nemikardam 1 ruz baese shadio haiejane mane irani ham beshe.

    Comment by Hasiba,18 sale — October 16, 2006 @ 5:54 am

  99. باز هم یک بار دیگر باعث افتخار شدین
    به شما افتخار می کنم خانم انصاری
    امیدوارم که بتونین این متن نظرات رو بخونین
    واقعا فوق العاده هستین

    Comment by Arash — October 16, 2006 @ 8:26 am

  100. Dear Mrs. A. Ansari
    The best international scientific journal in Iran is JICS; “Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society”. JICS is indexed by all international indexing organizations such as CAS and ISI in USA. The JICS web site is:
    I am the managing editor of the journal.JICS is prestige, credit and glory of Iran in the world. Moreover, chemical society is the biggest scientific society in Iran. 30% science production in Iran is related to Iranian chemists. I request you to join for helping to JICS. It is only a scientific program.
    Any your help to JICS welcome.
    Best Regards
    A A Saboury

    Comment by Prof. Ali Akbar Saboury — October 16, 2006 @ 9:11 am

  101. hi dear anoosha, i am an iranian girl writing from india to you. i came to your space blog around 2 weeks ago and i read all your posts and archive. i was trying to leave a comment for you and after writing many many lines! what happend?! electricite problem :)) so i came back to thank you because of writing all your feeleings, and i think you write nicely and you speak nicely that we can imagine every thing you saw!
    today i saw your interview with opera and i was crying all time while watching it.
    i know that you are very strong and i wish i could have only half of that. we are very proud of you and wish you all the best.
    i hope you could explain every thing in farsi so we could undrestand better! just i am wonder how could you forget the language you used to talk for 16 years?! i know it is easy to forgot but i wish it was not like that.
    anyway again thank you very much and all the best for you in feature.

    Comment by shaya — October 16, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

  102. From Russia with love! 🙂

    Anousheh, you are the great woman. Don’t ever listen envious people with their negative comments. Most of them did’t make a fraction of your fulfilment in their pitiful lives and this makes them angry.

    I read your space diary with admiration and can say that you have a dainty soul and keen mind. Thank you for your beautiful words about our Earth! I wish you to be strong, staying the little girl inside – as this is seen from your posts.

    Let the God give you a chance to return to the space someday.
    Good luck!

    Alexander from Saransk

    Comment by Alexander — October 16, 2006 @ 2:15 pm

  103. انوشه جون
    دلم برای کامنتهات تنگ شده خیلی

    Comment by fatemeh — October 16, 2006 @ 2:43 pm

  104. Mrs. Ansari
    I followed your wonderfull journey. You know, you are an excellent story teller. You can make it extreemingly interesting from the human side of it. I just hope, that you take some time, before your
    trip to space sort of fade away and write a book about your experience. I’ll bet, the book will be a best seller and way over a million copies sell world wide. Looking forward to it

    George Kovacs
    Los Angeles, California

    Comment by George Kovacs — October 17, 2006 @ 5:11 am

  105. Quick note for Atousa (comment 58). It’s “pronunciation” not “prononciation”. There are many good classes in the US to improve your knowledge of English, which is more important than trying to “sound” like an American. 😉

    Comment by kaveh — October 17, 2006 @ 9:25 am

  106. Dear Anousheh,

    Well done. This journey is only a beginning. Some centuries ago traveling to any other continent was a big thing. Now it is not. Certainly in future we will travel to some other Planets … and this is a real step towards it… 🙂
    Looking forward to your Book about this “great journey and its memories”


    Comment by Lijin — October 17, 2006 @ 9:56 am

  107. I have no slightly doubt that history will prove to us that Anousheh is using her money for an excellent case.
    All the best & good luck to Anousheh :))

    Comment by Mitra — October 17, 2006 @ 12:41 pm

  108. خواهر خوبم انوشه جان:
    دنيا ديگه مثل تو نداره ………………………….
    (از يك آهنگ مشهور در ايران با صداي بنامين)
    (حتما به اين آهنگ گوش بده)
    دوستان عزيز لينك اين آهنگ مشهور را براي كپي كردن انوشه جان در اين وبلاگ قرار دهيد

    Comment by Behrouz — October 17, 2006 @ 1:16 pm

  109. Dear Mrs. Ansari,

    It seems like more and more people want to have your email address and I understand that giving out your personal email address might be a bit overwhelming. Last thing anyone wants is to have 10000 fan messages in her box, mixed in with personal emails.
    I thought maybe you could create a new gmail or yahoo account for the fans: something like anoushehfans@….

    Just a suggestion.

    Comment by Tourang — October 17, 2006 @ 2:55 pm

  110. That’s really cool that she got on Oprah. That’d definately be a highlight for me if my project ever made it there.

    Paperclip 2 House

    Comment by Andrew — October 17, 2006 @ 6:02 pm

  111. من عاشق خداوند هستم . وقتي خداوند را بشناسي ، او
    را وجودي دوست داشتني خواهي يافت
    .خداوند، عشق است

    Comment by جاهد ملک زاده — October 17, 2006 @ 6:50 pm

  112. Dear Anousheh:

    I have ben following your success since the XPrize and your space travel.
    I understand that you will be giving a talk on Nov.2nd in Dallas. For this reason I will come from California to shake your hand and congratulate you personaly and tell you how proud I am to see you achive what you set out to do.

    Best wishes,

    Iraj Forootan

    Comment by Iraj Forootan — October 17, 2006 @ 9:49 pm

  113. Dear Anooshe Ansari

    mrs. anooshe ansari I’m 15 years old , so i can not speak english well .
    When I hear that you are come back to erth I felt so proud and I think that all peaple know iranian is not terorist or killer .
    I know I can’t tell you what I want therfore I translate my mean to farsi .
    سلام خانوم انصاري
    از اين كه سايتي پيدا كردم كه مي تونم با شما ارتباط بر قرار كنم خيلي خوشحالم
    من 15 سالم هست و انگليسي رو خيلي دست و پا شكسته بلدم . راستش من از اين كه فهميدم شما سالم برگشتين به كره خاكي خيلي خوشحال شدم احساس غرور از اين كه ايراني هستم و هموطنايي مثل شما رو دارم كه به دنيا ثابت مي كنن ايرانيا تروريست نيستن .
    اميد وارم هميشه موفق باشين به اندازه بلندي پروازتون
    حسن شيرزادي

    Comment by Hassan Shirzadi — October 17, 2006 @ 10:27 pm

  114. Dear Anousheh joon,

    Until we saw you, we had no dreams. I cry when I read your blog. I cry at a lot of things. My psychiatrist tells me I am depressed and I have been taking pills for most of my life, but when I read your blog I cry the most because I know that you did this trip to space to give the rest of us hope that we too can sell a company for a billion dollars and then spend twenty million on a trip to space.
    There is a lot of money in the world and I think every human being should go up into space, but they should make millions of dollars first. Without this it is not possible. Also, now that you are first woman space tourist in space, can we create subcategories of other firsts? I want to be the first depressed woman in the space station and test the effect of gravity on depression. Most Iranian suffer from depression so it would be big help if we can test medicines for melancholy in space.
    Also, can you tell me if you talked to God when you were in Space and if He / She give you certificate to heaven and leave us poor people to look up to sky only hoping we can do what you did in our life time? What did God say to you?

    Comment by Neda — October 18, 2006 @ 5:07 am

  115. Dear Mrs. Ansari;

    Again you’ve been disappeared for more than a week! Would you please take a look at your weblog and tell something? (either about your space journey or your next plans)…Thanks in advance!

    By the way, do you read ALL comments? And would you continue to reply the selected ones as previous?

    Yours, Farhad from Iran (a place in the United World)

    P.S. To dearest ‘Kamran’: I don’t think about the patent right! 😉 Also I’m a little familiar with the Abdul-Salam Fondation and some others. Their leaders/managers have rigid minds about research which don’t comply with my ideas. I hoped (may be wrongfully) Mrs. Ansari think about it and at least make me notified of my mistakes….but thank you for the given information….

    Comment by Farhad — October 18, 2006 @ 6:01 am

  116. Salam be hamvatanane azizam!
    Az shoma davat mikonam, soalate khodra, darmorede Faza, Fazapeymaha, va istgah hayefazaee, hamrah ba “Name” va “E-Mail” addressetoonro
    be in address befrestid:

    Ba tashakor!

    Comment by M.M — October 18, 2006 @ 8:10 am

  117. Hi everyone,

    Anouhseh, I hope that you and your family are doing well.

    I’m sure your really busy these days. Hopefully you will be back to the blog soon.

    I just wanted to share what I consider to be a real waste of money! Enough said.

    Pat Freeman
    West Chester, PA

    Comment by screamin75 — October 18, 2006 @ 10:29 am

  118. انوشه جان
    فرض کن هزار سال پيش به دنيا آمده‌ای
    در آن صورت چه هدفي داشتي و براي بدست آمدن آن چه مي كردي؟
    حامد و شيما

    Comment by Hamed& Shima — October 18, 2006 @ 3:05 pm

  119. khanume Ansari shoma kojaeen?delemun baratun tang shode!gharar bud az gharantine baramun begin.pas chi shod?webloge farsizabaunetunam ke update nemikonin.kojaeen pas?az ma khaste shodin?

    Comment by Hasiba — October 18, 2006 @ 5:50 pm

  120. I can’t believe I missed it!! Would have LOVED to have seen that Oprah show. I tried the video link above, and it wasn’t working. Now I’ll have to wait for Oprah reruns. *sigh*

    Comment by hatgirl — October 18, 2006 @ 8:17 pm

  121. An Orange County, Ca., Iranian-American has written an essay on Anousheh Ansari, which you can read on The Orange County Register’s “OC and the World” blog at

    Vik Jolly
    Staff writer
    Orange County Register

    Comment by Vik Jolly — October 19, 2006 @ 3:04 am

  122. Анюша! Вы просто потрясающая женщина!!!!

    Comment by Алина — October 19, 2006 @ 6:33 am

  123. Anousheh joon:
    I’m an 18 year-old girl from Iran(Mashad)
    How are you?is everything ok now?
    .It’s the first time I’m reading this blog.And I think it’s not too bad for you to know that I was so excited in all the sentences written by you.That I really felt I’ve experienced them myself.I’m so proud of what you’ve done.
    But there’s a point that I’ve heard that during your flight into space you’ve had a call with Farah(the ex queen of iran)but I couldn’t found anything about it in your; is it true?or not?(I’m interested to know about it!)
    Thank you and your nice family!
    I’ve read your notes in an iranian magazine and the thing that your sister Atousa said about you when you were a child and your dreams in stars and being in space!but they weren’t as exciting as your blog you have described all your feelings very well in this blog actually and definitely.
    I hope to be succeeded in my way in Iran just like you were.
    And I wish everybody to reach their goals and no matter how hard we try.
    Good luck in every chapter of your life dear Anousheh;
    And Best wishes for you!
    love MITRA

    Comment by Mitra — October 19, 2006 @ 7:05 am

  124. Anousheh Jaan,
    I can’t stress how much you made all of us proud of what you did!
    As a 37 years old single woman who has been living in Southern California for over 24 years; it’s crucial to mention that I have experienced variety of unexpected challenges towards our nation, Iran. Inparticularly, my experience havebeen mostly in Southern California where the wealthiest and at the same time poorly uneducated people are residing among us. It’s so common for every one to be expose to certain unrespectable remarks, again that all comes to lack of tutoring and uncertainty. As we know all those comments, mostly irrelevant and unrelated stereo typing towards our race and our religion (Muslim) will slowly be fazing out. We can’t tell you how grateful we are to have some one like you among us that can portray a good Iranian woman and educate the rest of us who can’t develop a sense of indulgent. When we saw you in space shuttle, your proud sense of humanity and enthusiastic behavior and your approach towards your own self in particularly your background and race which illustrated your appreciation for being an Iranian, made all of us, in particularly Iranian Muslims extremely proud.
    You truly A real human being and A real Iranian woman
    Good luck to you

    Comment by SheilaD Irvine, California — October 19, 2006 @ 7:45 am

  125. انوشه گرامي
    ضمن تقدير از جنابعالي براي درج كمنت هاي متعدد اينجانب در وبلاگ بسيار جالب و خواندني تان
    همانطور كه مي دانيد يكي از شرايط استخدام مهندسان جديد در ناسا دانستن
    است. TRIZ
    كه فرايندي است براي نوآوري در همه زمينه ها چه فني چه غير فني كه توسط يك دانشمند روسي كشف شده است . لطفاً براي كسب اطلاع بيشتر دوستان وبلاگ اينجانب را كه بيشتر كار برد اين تكنيك را در صنايع غذايي معرفي مي كند معرفي بفرماييد.
    بسيار متشكر و ممنون از شما

    Comment by Mehdi — October 19, 2006 @ 10:41 am

  126. I am a very successful working mom.
    I don’t know if I am a chicken or what but I know for sure that if they offer me a space trip not only for free but give me lots of money I don’t dare to take such a trip. That is why I can’t accept Anousheh is after fame or money. She is smart enough to know there are lots of ways out there to add to her fame and wealth.

    Comment by Mitra — October 19, 2006 @ 12:06 pm

  127. سلام خانوم انصاری
    خدا میدونه که تو ایران چقدر شما رو دوست دارن و من به عنوان یه ایرانی به شما افتخار میکنم،در ضمن حتمآ فهمیدین که به خاطر شما رویت ماه رمضان چند رئز به تاخیر افتاد……
    خوشحال میشم به وبلاگ من سر بزنین…..
    g0o0o0o0od luck

    Comment by hutan — October 19, 2006 @ 2:07 pm

  128. It’s awfully quiet around here!!! I guess all the negative , selfish comments has taken its effect… What a shame.
    Anoushe joon, don’t ever stop what u started.
    Hope to hear from u soon.

    With regards,

    Comment by shideh — October 19, 2006 @ 7:46 pm

  129. Anousheh,
    I admire what you have done – not just with your most recent space expedition… but with the X Prize Foundation (especially the most recently announced competition). I have been doing some research into Prodea Systems and have been doing all I can to find a way “in the door”. I would so much appreciate working with a visionary such as yourself… and I believe my skills and experience are an excellent fit with Prodea. I have just had a challenge finding the right person to talk to at Prodea. And although this is not the most appropriate forum… I thought I would take whatever means I could to try again to get in the door. I would so much appreciate the opportunity to meet with your staff about employment opportunities. Again… thank you for all you have done to share your experiences with the world. Thank you for your humility and your encouraging perspective on the world and the potential for technology and mankind.
    With Best Regards and Tremendous Respect,
    Steve Hooper

    Comment by Steve Hooper — October 19, 2006 @ 8:07 pm

  130. I hope to see you in Las Cruces the day after tomorrow!!
    Coming from Juarez, Mexico; my family and I have prepared to spend Saturday with you and all the X Prize gang there.
    And I hope you spend a very good time in Las Cruces.
    Also, you are invited to visit Juarez, Mexico. I’m a volunteer in the Concorde Museum (, and card modeler also. BTW, I’m building a Sotuz TMA scale model made of cardstock, as a homage to your trip.
    Gest Regards.

    Comment by PaperJerry — October 19, 2006 @ 8:32 pm

  131. Droood

    Where are you Anoushe??
    we miss you

    Comment by بهنام — October 19, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

  132. hi miss ansari
    tanx alot,becouse of visit my site i’m so happy i’ can not speack english very well but i try i like to know some thing about space ship one and your company if visit my site agane please write some thing in comment. it’s top of each editorial

    i’m so happy agane
    i waite tile your next visit of my site

    baba yekamam farsi begam man asheghe safar be faza hastam asheghe inam ke beram onja mesle khodetoon hataaa age mogheye parvaz az zamin nabood sham

    bye bye bye

    Comment by Alireza — October 20, 2006 @ 4:01 am

  133. سلام
    شايدبراي برخي مهم نباشه كه اونجا كجاست و شما كي هستيد امااينو مطمئنم كه از حالا به بعد زندگي شما متحول خواهد شد
    تبريك ميگم و افتخار ميكنم كه ايراني هستم
    ابراهيم صفري-تهران

    Comment by ebrahim — October 20, 2006 @ 9:16 am

  134. Dear Anousheh,
    There is too much discussion over your ethnic origin.

    Are you born to an Iranian Azeri family? Can you just say “Yes” or “No” and end this endless dispute please.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Dan Hartung — October 20, 2006 @ 10:43 am

  135. How did it feel to come back to earth? Our NJ ESL class would like to know!

    Comment by ESL Class Ridgewood High School — October 20, 2006 @ 12:49 pm

  136. خانم انصاری آیا شما توان این را دارید که به یک جوان ایرانی شاعر پنجاه هزار دلار کمک کنید؟ تا زندگی او از این رو به آن رو شود.

    Comment by میم . آشتی — October 20, 2006 @ 6:40 pm

  137. i hear so much of equal rights was wondering if she was told not to sexually touch men or women on board as well as take same training as men in the ball that spins over 100 miles per shour or more

    Comment by ronald — October 21, 2006 @ 5:11 am

  138. What do you thik of sex in zero-g? Or for that matter procreation for the purposes of making babies in orbit?

    Comment by John — October 22, 2006 @ 1:22 am

  139. salam khanoome ansari man ghablan ham baraye shoma neveshte boodam man har chizi ke be safare shoma rabt dasht jame kardam ta be yadegar az oon roozhaye ba hayejan dashte basham vali hich khabari az faza nashode age mishe darbareye in mozooe ye joori ettela rasani konid az inke baraye shoma minevisam khaily khoshhalam. doostdare shoma mohsen_pooraria az sari

    Comment by mohsen pooraria — October 22, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

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