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Here is a list of the writings by Anousheh, in chronological order.

The Road To Baikonur September 9 (posted Sept. 12)

Birthday Bouquets September 12

Training as Backup September 13

Price of a Dream September 14

My Favorite Things! September 15

Rendez-Vous at X Prize Cup September 16

The Day Has Come September 17

Email from Space! September 20 email

Hello World September 21

Atlantis from Orbit September 22

The Trip Up September 22

Space Travel Details September 25

Close Quarters September 25

Watching the world go by September 26

Thank God for Velcro September 27

On leaving Orbit September 28

The wave from space (with cousin Afshin) September 28

The Ride Down September 30

World Hold On September 30

I couldn’t sleep October 2

Second Birth October 5

Back in the World October 9

Goodbye Star City / My Speech October 20

Wonderful ride October 23

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