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September 28, 2006

Live on NASA TV

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NASA TV: Hatch closure official time 1:47 Central Time — after the station was searched to make sure Anousheh was not hiding somewhere and trying to stow away.

Expedition 13 and Anousheh are now onboard Soyuz TMA-8 preparing for the trip home

Coming Home from Orbit

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Anousheh’s description of life aboard the International Space Station has been amazingly vivid and alluring. She is an excellent writer. In my 25 years in the space industry I have never seen this intimate level of communication.

Safe travel home Anousheh — the World is waiting to greet you!

-Peter H. Diamandis (Chairman, X PRIZE Foundation)

September 26, 2006

Change of Command, Undocking and Landing

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Timeline kindly provided by Peter Guelzow, President AMSAT-DL, with all times converted to UTC.

Anousheh’s trip to the ISS took about two days from launch to docking, but the return to Earth takes only less than 3.5 hours.

The View from NASA TV

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September 25, 2006

Apple Does Not Fall

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and other new photos on Flickr (and now here)

Iran from ISS mybedroomview.jpg DFW new array by Atlantis


September 23, 2006

Call from Orbit

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This afternoon I received my “longest distance call” ever! — a call from Anousheh on orbit.

My cell phone display showed a 281 area code, which is the area code for Johnson Space Center. I answered and heard Anousheh’s happy voice. “Hello Peter! This is Anousheh calling from ISS.” This time I was all smiles.

We spoke about how much fun she’s having, flipping and floating and looking out the window. She had always been jealous of how much zero-g time I had amassed on Zero Gravity Corporation’s G-Force One… about 7.5 hours total, 30 seconds at a time. But now Anousheh has blown me away in zero-g time!

Anousheh is thrilled about the space blog and how many people are logging in to read every day. Many thanks to Robin Snelson for doing an awesome job!

We spoke about how her experience is evolving her thoughts about personal spaceflight… what a private space station might look like, and our future need for an Orbital X PRIZE and a Lunar X PRIZE. We also spoke about how grateful she is to Space Adventures for making her trip possible.

I asked her if she had seen the Moon out the window yet, and she said no but she would try to find it. We laughed that she made it to orbit first, but I am going to try to be first to the lunar surface.

Thanks for calling Anousheh. Have a blast for me and everyone else too!

– Peter H. Diamandis (Chairman, X PRIZE Foundation).

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